Retail Industry

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Challenges Faced By Retail Companies

Lack The Know-How To Go E-Commerce

Weak Infrastructure To Support The Fast Paced Retail Industry

Creating A Omni-Channel Retail Experience

Poor Trackability of Delivery Fleet

Recommended Solution


Connected Retail Technology

Integrated eCommerce, Point-of-Sales (POS) system and NAV in one environment, all hosted in the cloud so that it is scalable quickly.

DP POS has built-in Membership, Loyalty Points module and DP’s NAV retail solution comes with a Membership, Loyalty Points extension to keep track of all your customers’ membership information.

Product Used: Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Inventory Management

All information comes from a centralised database (NAV) so there is only one version of truth. NAV also allows you to set minimum reorder levels so that you can purchase before your stocks run out to ensure there’s always stock for sale.

Product Used: Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Shipping And Receiving

DP Warehouse App to help track receiving inventory information, stock take and picking information to always keep inventory information accurate.

DP Delivery App to track deliveries.

Product Used: DP Warehouse

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